We provide our products
for global markets.

We offer products to customers around the globe.

We supply products not only to Asia but also to North America and Europe. We have earned the trust of customers on a global basis.

World map

We implement agile procurement of raw materials, production and sale by using overseas group companies.

We offer uniformly high-quality products and services worldwide.

Business sites in Asian countries

  • Shandong Guangyin DKK New Materials Co., Ltd.
    (Production and sale of materials for fine ceramics)
  • Shandong Guangyin DKK Environment Technology Co., Ltd.
    (Collection, production and sale of rare metals)
  • DKK (Shanghai) Materials Trading Co., Ltd.
    (Sale of zirconium compounds)
  • Vietnam Rare Elements Chemical Joint Stock Company
    (Production and sale of zirconium oxychloride)
  • DKK Thai Materials Trading Co., Ltd.
    (Sale of zirconium compounds etc.)
  • DKK America Materials,Inc.
    (Sale of zirconium compounds etc.)

Business sites in Japan

Global needs which keep growing—We strive to become a company which is needed by the entire world.

Overseas sales as well as the ratio thereof keep increasing year by year. This is made possible because we keep offering quality and features that meet market needs.

Sales by region

Sales by region


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