Business Field

We are engaged in the manufacture, sale, and research and development of zirconium compounds and other inorganic compounds including cesium compounds and rare earth compounds.


Catalyst for purifying vehicle emissions

We provide catalytic promoters that eliminate harmful substances from vehicle emissions, contributing to the mitigation of air pollution and air purification. Our products are also used in the field of environmental catalysts that purify plants by removing harmful gases.

Examples of applications

  • Catalysts for purifying vehicle emissions
  • Denitrification catalysts
  • Petroleum refining catalysts
  • Reforming, shift, and partial oxidation catalysts

Electronic materials and oxygen sensors

Electronic materials
Electronic materials

Our electronic parts support advanced technologies such as those used in cellular phones and PCs. Zirconia oxygen sensors are used as high-performance sensors for air-fuel ratio control in the automobile field, and their market has been growing.

Examples of applications

  • Ceramic capacitors
  • Piezoelectric elements
  • Oxygen sensors for automobiles
  • Oxygen sensors for steelmaking
  • Lens coatings
  • Lens materials

Fine Ceramics

Ceramic kitchen knife

Zirconia ceramics are superior to general ceramics in strength and toughness. The wear resistance, rub resistance, non-magnetism, low thermal conductivity, chemical resistance, and other excellent properties of zirconia ceramics are used to advantage in this field.

Examples of applications

  • Cutting tools for household use (kitchen knives, scissors)
  • Cutting tools for industrial use (paper converting machines, textile machines)
  • Mechanical seals
  • Bearings
  • Grinding media
  • Ferrules
  • Solid electrolytes for fuel cells
  • Dental materials

Refractories and Brake Materials

Brake pads

Zirconia refractories are highly evaluated for their excellent spalling resistance and corrosion resistance. Zirconia materials are used in almost all automobile brakes.

Examples of applications

  • Continuous-casting nozzles
  • Setters for firing electronic parts
  • Special metal melting pots
  • Automobile brake pads
  • Pigments for ceramics


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