Zirconium is
our flagship product.

Zirconium is a material that is resistant to heat and corrosion.

Zirconium products are manufactured by decomposing and refining ore such as zircon sand or baddeleyite.

Zircon sand
Zirconium compounds

Zirconium compounds have various functions.

Zirconium, whose properties change depending on to what substance it bonds or its crystal structure, has a great variety of properties. We work on these properties of zirconium and pursue its potential.

Zirconium Compounds

Zirconium compounds have been increasingly used in the automobile- and energy-related fields.

Recently, zirconium has attracted attention for its heat resistance, catalytic function, and other properties, and has been increasingly used in automobile parts and energy-related products.


Automobile image

Automobile component

Actively used as a catalyst to reduce the emission of harmful gases

Fuel cell

Fuel cell image

Electrolyte material
Actively used as an electrolyte material for higher efficiency


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