Greetings from the President

Hiroshi Kokubu, President, Representative Director

Growing with Rare Elements
– Becoming a 100 Year Company

Hiroshi Kokubu
Representative Director,
Member of the Board;
President, Executive Officer

Our company was founded in 1956. At that time, zirconium was not a well understood element and had limited applications. Our young founders saw the potential of zirconium and took on the task of bringing out its possibilities. “Because no one has done it, we will do it.” They founded the company with a spirit of undertaking challenges. Since then, our company has been steadily moving forward by dedicating ourselves to our customers’ needs and requests while discovering new properties and uncovering the mysteries of that once poorly understood element.

Zirconium is an element which exhibits many unique properties. It has a variety of characteristics such as a high melting point, heat resistance, dielectric properties, ionic conductivity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, strength, and toughness. We believe that it is our company’s mission to contribute to solving social problems by continuing to draw even more properties out of this extraordinary element and in turn broaden zirconium’s use in society.

As an important guide to fulfilling our company’s mission, we have followed and venerated the following three principles as our management philosophy - valuable products, fulfilling life, and rewarding workplace. Valuable products refer to original and high value-added products that contribute to solving social problems, and valuable products are created by those who work in rewarding workplace and lead fulfilling life. Though the times and the environment surrounding our company may change, we will continue to consciously pass on the three principles to the next generation and continue to provide valuable products to society.

“Growing with Rare Elements– Becoming a 100 Year Company.” Holding this new vision in our hearts, while remaining dedicated to the exploration of the infinite possibilities of zirconium, our corporate group will continue to be needed by the world forever.


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