President’s Message

Hiroshi Kokubu, President, Representative Director

To Our Shareholders and Investors

Hiroshi Kokubu
Representative Director,
Member of the Board;
President, Executive Officer

We would like to express our appreciation for your ongoing support of our business activities.

The world has rapidly adopted environmental policies with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. The automobile industry, which represents our core business, is undergoing revolutionary change including year-on-year increases in vehicle electrification. In 2022, against the backdrop of these changes, our group introduced a new 10-year midterm management plan called DK-One Next. This plan will increase our competitiveness in the automotive exhaust gas purifying catalyst business, which is projected to remain strong for the immediate future. Additionally, we have identified strategic areas for major investment.They are areas that contribute to carbon neutrality and are areas that are expecting growth, such as semiconductors, electronics, energy, and health care. We will promote innovation and build a revenue base that is not dependent on specific industries at the R&D center established in 2023 and further strengthening our R&D system. In addition, through manufacturing intermediate materials in Vietnam, we are building a sustainable supply chain that is resilient to geopolitics and further strengthen our unique integrated manufacturing system which begins zirconium ore. These steps will create a solid business foundation that will allow us to respond to changes in the business environment and point our organization towards continuing growth far into the future.

We will continue to take on new challenges in order to contribute to the development of the global economy and the resolution of social issues, returning to the founding spirit of  “Because no one else has done it, we will do it".

We appreciate the continued understanding and support of our shareholders and investors.


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