Environmental Policy

Basic Policies

We take global environmental issues such as global warming, pollution by harmful chemical substances, and depletion of natural resources seriously and continuously work to reduce the environmental burdens of business activities. We contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by actively working to develop products that contribute to environmental preservation and providing highly functional and quality materials.

Course of Action

  • In order to pursue the basic policies, we make the utmost efforts to:
    1. reduce environmental burdens in all stages of business activities in view of product lifecycles from development to disposal,
    2. promote resource and energy saving, reduce waste, and make its use effective,
    3. actively promote the development of products that contribute to the preservation of the global environment, and
    4. thoroughly practice the safe handling of chemical substances and properly disclose information on such substances.
  • We comply with environment related laws and regulations and other agreements in conducting business activities and providing products and services.
  • We properly use an environment management system and work to make continuous improvements to it by evaluating its effectiveness periodically.
  • We set environmental objectives based on the management and environmental policies and conduct improvement activities for environmental preservation.
  • We keep all those working at the company informed about the environmental policies and promote environmental preservation activities using the environment management system throughout the company.




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