Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

To pursue a continuous supply of valuable products for society, we need to utilize the hands of individuals who live a fulfilling life. In order to live a fulfilling life, we need to create a rewarding workplace – a place where we spend a significant part of our lives.

Valuable Products  

Original and high value-added products that contribute to solving a range of social problems

Fulfilling Life     

A satisfying way of life in both public and private spaces that encourages the realization of one's own dreams and ideals

Rewarding Workplace

A workplace where we can pride ourselves at being a top zirconium producer
A place where we and our colleagues can embody the company’s ideals of Kigenso-like

Kigenso-like refers to a corporate culture that welcomes a challenge, supports staff who are undertaking these challenges while also respecting diverse work styles and values.


Image: Vision

Growing with Rare Elements - Becoming a 100 Year Company

For us, Daiichi Kigenso becoming a 100 Year Company has two meanings. First, we are set to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2056. Also, our company is committed to continuous growth far into the future. In Japanese, Kigenso, which is part of our company name, means rare elements. Zirconium is an element which exhibits many unique properties. Our company will continue to draw out the infinite possibilities of this extraordinary element. Our success in this will continue to make Daiichi Kigenso vital for the world.


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